Beach Road Soi 13 Market

Beach Road Market soi 13 in Pattaya you will find two set back market areas. Set back a little from the Road, it would be easy to walk past with out spotting them. But this is an area that is worth a visit. Stocking many designer T-shirts, watches, hand bags, childrens cloths and thai art work.

Dont forget to Barter!


It is the way of life here in Thailand. What ever they ask for over them half of the amount. No matter how much you offer, even if it is more than the market stall holder requires, they will still ask for more. Though do remember you can only Barter in market areas, not shopping centers.

Be Kind

Do remember the market stall holders are only trying to earn a living. Of course make sure you get a good deal, but remember they have a home and family to care for, ensure that the deal is good for both parties.

Soi 13 Market Location

The market areas along beach road are situated left of soi 13

Soi 13 Market Photo-Picture Gallery

Football shirts on sale at the market D and G Diesel and designer T shirts Hand Bags Galore Trendy Childrens cloths Local Designs T - Shirts Galore Too much choice is a bad thing

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