Soi 8 Beach Road Pattaya

Pattaya Night Life

Soi 8 comes alive at night, like a miniature walking street, dusk brings loud disco music and flashing lights. Beer bars with many Thai lady hosts luring the passers by to join them at their bar to enjoy evening cocktails, beers and Thai whiskey. Walking along soi 8 is like a mine field, between Indian taylor's, street vendors, children beggars and bar hosts, it is almost impossible to walk two steps without some one requesting riches or tempting your soul. You will either love or hate soi 8.

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Hotels on soi 8

Hotels on soi 8. There are many hotels on Soi 8, like the Eastiny, Flipper, Sunbeam. The Eastiny Plaza hotel is the most recent to open. Many of the hotels in and around soi 8 are presently undergoing refurbishment. Both small and large


Soi 8 is situated between beach Road and Second Road Pattaya. Aprox 2 Km north of walking street.

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Soi 8 Street Sign, taken from second road Pattaya Birthday celebrations with ballons on Soi 8 Business names galore The heart of Soi 8 The Rolling Stones Bar Soi 8 Pattaya One of Soi 8's many taylors Eastiny Plaza Hotel Soi 8

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