Soi Buakaow Market Pattaya

Soi Buakaow Market Pattaya

Soi Buakaow market is a great place to spend a day shopping. Experience a real Thai market with the smells sights and sounds. Bargains are to be had at this market as it is open to all, but caters mainly for the locals. This gives you the opportunity to purchase goods at the same cost as Thai People

What To Expect

Soi Buakow Market is extremely busy. There is a canvas roof to block the sun, though the result of this, the market gets extremely hot as the heat gets trapped. There are many stall holders selling cold drinks. Cafes are located around the perimeter of the market, giving you time to sit, have a drink and cool down.

No Need To Barter

The general rule of thumb with Thai street and market sellers is to offer half of what they ask. THIS IS NOT THE CASE AT THIS MARKET. Most of the prices are prices that Thai people pay. I often see market stall owners get frustrated having to haggle with holiday makers time and time again

Soi Buakaow Location

Soi Buakaow market Pattaya is situated on Pattaya Thai Road soi 22 ( Just off South Pattaya Road) 5 minute walk from Pattaya second road

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Soi Buakoaw market is very busy Thai Dried Flowers Local Thai food on display Bag stall at the market Thai flowers and fruit T shirt all colours all styles and all sizes How much is htat doggy in the basket? Local Thai Plants on sale The first time I have ever seen a green orange Ladies Fashion Thai style. Homely goods and gifts Sign out side the Sio Buakaow market Pattaya

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